February 2

100 Word Challenge

One year ago to the day, I invited some of my friends out to my house and we were racing on our four wheeler’s. The prize was a set of brand new tires. There were four people total, my sister was the one calling out the winner and three of us racing. My sister called the race… all three of us have good starts. We’re all neck and neck, one guy misses a gear, the one beside me is starting to gain. We’re even then he keeps gaining and wins by less than a foot. “And the winner is… EVAN!”

November 17

100 Word Challenge, Transportation

I think we should outlaw some forms of transportation but keep most forms of transportation legal. A few that I think should be illegal are items such as rockets and smaller cars. With larger cars, you could have more people in one car and fewer engines going at once. As with the rockets you have very large amounts of pollution from the rocket fuel burning off. One rocket taking off emits 400 metric tons of Co2, to put that into perspective, a standard internal combustion engine only produces 4.6 metric tons per year. Hopefully, we can start using cleaner forms of transportation. 

November 11

Week #10, 100 Word Challenge

image by: https://100wc.net/

Honestly, it makes me sick to think we are doing this to our planet. A lot of this comes from batteries that have certain metals in them that have to be refined. Our planet would be a bit healthier if we never mass-produced big lithium-ion batteries and items that use a lot of electrical energy. People think that everything has to be electric to be pollution-free but not all sources of electricity are clean options, including solar panels. They have to use rare metals they get from mining, then have to be refined, We need to stop.


November 5

Week #9 Word Challenge

A Lot of people are afraid of climate change, but it’s not too urgent. The urgency for climate change isn’t too big right now, we have plans to colonize mars(aka the red planet) anyways so why are we still trying with this planet? A Lot of people say it’s the gas-burning industry, but that’s false, a new Tesla releases almost four times as much metric tons of Co2 as a standard gasoline car. People think electric cars are better than gas, if anything they’re making out environment worse, everyone thinks that evacuating areas will help but it won’t.